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AntiBodies. B cells

Antibodies. B cells

Antibodies are molecules of glycoprotein nature that have ability to bind antigens either soluble or bound in membranes of cells in a specific way. They are present in plasma and in tissue fluids (lymph, saliva, tears etc.). As most of antibodies belong to the gamma globulins of plasma proteins, they were previously known under the term gammaglobulins; their contemporary nomenclature is immunoglobulins (Ig). There are five classes of immunoglobulins: IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE, and IgE, respectively. They have specific biochemical structure and function. The principal biological role is to bind antigens; except it, they can activate the complement, opsonise bacteria, bind to receptors of various cell of the immune system etc.

author: Milan Buc | section: Lectures | discipline: Immunology, Allergology | published on: 27.2.2012 | last modified on: 16.3.2012

B lymphocytes and plasma cells

B lymphocytes and plasma cells

B lymphocytes are principal cells that mediate humoral adaptive immunity. After their maturation in the bone marrow, B cells enter peripheral lymphoid tissues, which are the sites of interaction with foreign antigens. Production of antibodies is initiated by the interaction of antigens with a small number of mature B cells specific for each antigen. An antigen binds to the membrane receptors on specific B cells and initiates a series of responses that lead to two principal changes: cell proliferation resulting in expansion of the clone, and differentiation to either plasma cells actively secreting antibodies or to memory cells.

Key words: B cells, subsets of B cells, memory B cells, plasma cells

author: Milan Buc | section: Lectures | discipline: Immunology, Allergology | published on: 6.3.2017 | last modified on: 6.3.2017
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