2nd Department of Neurology - Educational materials for students of 4th class General Medicine

Author: Karin Gmitterová, Gabriela Timárová, Michal Minár, Iveta Lisá, Jana Martinková

Students of 4th class, study program General Medicine, who attend practicals in Neurology at 2nd Department of Neurology FMCU and UHB write a report on the topic which did not take place according the regular schedule. The papers with the report (3-4 pages, format A4) should be sent to email address: Deadline: 10.4. 2020.                      

Cerebral infarction versus solar and geomagnetic activity: a cross-regression study

Author: Miroslav Mikulecký, Jaroslav Střeštík

The monthly registered Wolf numbers (i.e the numbers of sunspots), solar flares index and Ap index of the geomagnetic activity values display negative regression dependence („negatively correlate“) upon the monthly observed numbers of new cases of cerebral infarction.This phenomenon is present with delays from -6 months (infarction before the cosmogeophysical measurement) up to + 17 months (infarction after the cosmogeophysical measurement),with the most pronounced relationship for delay of +5 months.