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Skeletopedia - Interactive 3D atlas of human bones

Skeletopedia - Interactive 3D atlas of human bones

Creation of 3D atlas of human bones as an internet page with use of HTML5, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. To obtain polygonal models surface scanners and CT i-CAT scanner were used. Scanned models are true human bones, property of Department of Anatomy LF UK. Primary audience of the atlas are students of medicine. Atlas contains also interactive annotations, automatic search and visualisation of bone structures on 3D models, brief charts with key facts about bones and quizzes.

author: Tomáš Havran, Michal Slabej, Peter Šulík | discipline: Anatomy | viewed: 1932x | published on: 25.4.2014 | last modified on: 25.4.2014

SKULL (after Cunningham)

Cunningham Textbook of Anatomy (12th Edition, iss. 1981) provides the complete description of the separated skull bones, together with the description of the skull spaces and joints. This decription is suitable for the more detailed study of the skull then that offered by other recommended textbooks, enable students to be better prepared for the tests of Anatomy subject.

Suitable mainly for Dentistry branch students, but of course for the students of the General Medicine branch.

author: Zora Haviarová, Daniel John Cunningham, George John Romanes | discipline: Anatomy | viewed: 2213x | published on: 31.10.2011 | last modified on: 31.10.2011