Educational materials for students of 3rd and 6th class General Medicine - 3rd Department of Internal Medicine FMCU and University Hospital Bratislava.                                                                                                                          

Students of 3rd class, study program General Medicine, who attend practicals in Internal Medicine 1 at 3rd Department of Internal Medicine FMCU and UHB (groups Nr. 2, 4, 8, 10 and 13) write one of the following seminar papers in size 3x A4 and send to email address:
Deadline: 19. 3. 2020

Topics for seminar papers:
1. Arrhythmias - disorders of sinus node function
2. Arrhytmias - conduction disturbances
3. Atrial fibrillation
4. Chest pain - differential diagnosis and management
5. Defibrilation and cardioversion (indication, procedure)

ECG diagnostics:

Learn ECG:

ECG self-testing:


Attachment   Date Size Availability [?] Clinically sensitive [?] Licence
 ECG 12.3.2020 2.34 MB anyone
 Arrhythmias 12.3.2020 1.62 MB anyone
 EXAMINATION of the pt. with CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE 12.3.2020 747.25 KB anyone
 Heart Failure 16.3.2020 1.62 MB anyone
 Examination Methods in Cardiology 16.3.2020 3.18 MB anyone
Link   Date Availability [?] Clinically sensitive [?] Licence
 ECGPedia 16.3.2020 anyone
 Learn ECG 13.3.2020 anyone
 ECG self-testing 16.3.2020 anyone