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Human skin seems to be simply external coverage of the human body. This statement is not completely true, as human skin, in addition to its protective function from the external environment, does have a range of other functions such as mechanical barrier, external immune barrier, participation in thermoregulation, excretion of sweat and sebum, sensory functions, and identification functions for the human being. Skin is the largest organ of the human body, as its average surface in adult persons is about 2 m2 and its total mass is about 5 kg. An extensive burn injury affecting more than 20% of the body surface area, can lead to temporary, or permanent dysfunction or failure of the skin organ which could become a life threatening situation.

Every physician shall be capable to provide first aid and primary emergency care of the burn victims. Furthermore, every physician should know the basic issues of burns pathophysiology, burn patient assessment, diagnostics, classification of burns, principles of emergency treatment, primary burn wound care and indications for transfer of more severe cases to higher level hospital facilities and burn centres as well as indications and principles for outpatient treatment of minor burns.

Main goals of this textbook are to provide basic knowledge for understanding „the burn problem“ from pathophysiological points of view and to serve as a guide for diagnostics and therapeutic modalities, as well as treatment guidelines for care of the burn victims for students of medical faculties.



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Keywords: Burn, first aid, management of burns, rehabilitation, reconstruction

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