Annual incidence rates of 3157 cases of leptospiroses recorded within 1949 and 2004, caused by the main serovars ificant or borderly significant periodicities, resembling those known from solar and geomagnetic activity, were identified. By comparing them with the time course of Wolf numbers, an almost exact reciprocity of maxima and minima of Wolf numbers and leptospiroses was disclosed. It is hypothetized that the epizoonotic character of these diseases supports the putative dependence of its manifestation upon the nature including the sun. Surprisingly, no similar results were found, so far, in the world scientific registers.

Bulletin of leptospires discovered in Slovakia, were studied. In their secular time course, statistically sign Člověk ve svém pozemském a kosmickém prostředí. Akademie věd České republiky a Hvězdárna Úpice, Česká republika, 2007, str.185-189.

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