Oral surgery 1

Complete set of 22 topics from course „Oral surgery 1“ , which include 12 hours of lectures in summer semester in the 3rd class. The subject Oral surgery is divided in three courses within three semesters of study of Dentistry at the Faculty of medicine Comenius University in Bratislava and it is finished by oral exam at summer semester in the 4th class.

Content of the course Oral surgery 1 is divided into three main areas:

-introductory topics (terminology, interdisciplinary team work, history, management of patient including radiography and radiology, antisepsis and asepsis, viral infections and orofacial region)

-anaesthesia in oral and maxillofacial surgery (local anaesthetics, local analgesia techniques on the mandible, local analgesia techniques on the maxilla, local complications of injection analgesia, general complications of injection analgesia),

-extraction of teeth and roots (instruments for extraction – forceps, elevators, indications and contraindications for extraction, simple tooth extraction in summary, wound management and instruction of patient after extraction, local complications of tooth extraction including bleeding and alveolitis, general complications of tooth extraction).

Authors plan for future publish within next academic years also courses Oral surgery 2 and 3 and then courses of maxillofacial surgery.

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